Parenting writer and support with her children

Hi there,

I’m Kara. Mama. Wife. Writer. Real foodie. Nature lover. Daydreamer. Nutrition nerd. Early childhood professional. Traveller.

Who am I to write about parenting, and offer postpartum support, you ask? I certainly don’t think I’m a parent who knows it all, or has it under control. Far from it. I’m just winging it like the rest of us, and I’ve asked for help from family and professionals too many times to count. Now, I want to offer that help and support to other new mums.

My expertise comes more from who I was pre-kids. I’ve worked with young children for almost all of my adult life as a professional career nanny, am known to regularly devour research article after article about early childhood, trained as a sleep consultant, and completed a degree in Psychology. It wasn’t until I became a mother myself (quite late in life, probably because the child in me never really wanted to grow up), that I started writing about and researching motherhood.

I am the Eastside and Northside editor and writer for Melbourne parenting magazine, MamaMag. For each issue I write a park review, street review, and interview an inspirational local mum in business.

I’m a regular contributor to The Work at Home Woman and Swaddles n’ Bottles.  I’m the social media manager and copywriter for Food Babies Love, and also managed their recent Instagram influencer campaign. I’ve contributed numerous parenting articles and blog posts to many online and print publications (go and check out my portfolio here).

My Instagram account, Little Foodie Guide, showcases my passion for healthy and simple food for children. I have also managed several social media accounts to help with the launch of small businesses. My role is often to take and edit the photos, curate posts that target the brand’s audience, and engage with that audience in a natural way. Now, I manage the Instagram accounts of Tree Hut Village and Larksong Coaching.

If it’s parenting support you’re interested in, I’m a qualified Nanny with almost twenty years experience – with most of that time spent as a Maternity Nanny (caring for newborns). I’m a trained sleep specialist, and have completed a plethora of courses and workshops, such as Dunstan Baby Language, Baby Sign, Baby Sensory, Newborn Care, Behaviour Management, Children’s Nutrition…and of course since having children of my own, I never stop researching. It’s what parents do better than the FBI, right?!

I can help you and your family in many ways, so please pop over here to read how.

If you’re interested in working with me, please get in touch via my contact form below. I would be thrilled to create a package for you that adds value to your business or family.